Tesla Paint Protection Sydney

the ultimate ceramic coating and graphene Tesla paint protection solutions for a show-car finish and unbeatable protection, applied by Gtechniq & Ethos accredited pros with our famous Lifetime Warranty.

Ghassan Hajeh
Best service ever. Very professional and car looks amazing.
John Filipovic
Awesome job removing a previous wax and grime buildup on my car windows left by a previous car wash. Not only clean but cleared away grime from Melbourne to Sydney drive. Great job, would recommend to everyone..
Ammi Wostear
So impressed from the get go, Fadi was friendly and explained everything in full detail and was able to come so quickly! As you can see the pictures speak for themselves I'm so happy with the outcome and service I got from fadi! Highly recommend, ill be calling him again for sure :)
Mitch Glover
Fadi looked after me and I’ll forever trust him with my vehicle. I’m passionate about my cars and I’m so happy to see someone who not only enjoys what they do, but is passionate about their craft. Do yourself a favour and take your car here. You’ll not be disappointed!
Shady Soliman
Have always washed/detailed my car myself as I don’t really trust anyone else doing it, I heard about Fadi’s quality work from a couple of people a few times so decided to give him a go. I watched him most of the time to make he was using correct washing techniques etc, car came up better than it’s ever been.
Dipisha Chand
Service was very good. Usually I have a few things which I end up complaining about after a detail but I was very impressed with the work! Will definitely go back again.
Fez Ab
Das Auto completed a full detail and ceramic coating of both my cars and I couldn’t be happier. Very professional and high quality service. Highly recommend!!
Angelique Dimos
Thank you so much to Fadi from Das Auto mobile detailing for coming out on short notice and wow did such a great job. My car looks brand new just as the day I bought it. 😁
spectacular detail for my car! unrivalled service indeed! Fadi is a gentleman and is a true professional in his work.
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Sumesh Reddy SuryaSumesh Reddy Surya
21:55 13 Sep 23
Fadi did a fantastic job and very impressive with his professionalism- we did Crematic coating
Peter El ShouraPeter El Shoura
06:33 10 Sep 23
Great service. Cleaned the car very well.
Chaitanya DudhipalaChaitanya Dudhipala
00:44 09 Sep 23
Graphine quoting done by Fadi. Excellent service
fadi saleebfadi saleeb
04:14 08 Sep 23
Best mobile ceramic coating Sydney!
Sam HensenSam Hensen
06:11 06 Sep 23
wanted to say thanks to Fadi for an absolutely incredible paint protection Sydney. Their mobile ceramic coating Sydney is the best i've used on all my previous cars. Meticulous attention to detail. They started with a full car detailing to prepare the service, and they guided me on the differences of graphene coating vs ceramic car coating. Incredible result.
FPP ServicesFPP Services
00:28 05 Aug 23
Had my Holden commodore graphene coated through DAS mobile detailing. Fadi is an absolute craftsman at what he does, my car went in with scratches from a bad wash and he made the car look even better than when I bought it brand new. You have my business going foward for all my future detailing needs, couldn’t be happier thanks again
Amanda SolimanAmanda Soliman
02:36 23 Jul 23
Without a doubt, the best ceramic coating Sydney has to offer and detail my car has ever seen! thank you to the boys who stayed back well after hours to fit my car in at last minutes notice. Photos should speak for themselves but extremely impressed with the quality! well worth every good dollar spent. as they say: I'll be back 🙂
Andrew StrgarAndrew Strgar
09:08 28 Apr 23
was looking for tesla ceramic coating blacktown by someone that was accredited by GTechniq because I wanted GTechniq Crystal Serum Ultra 10h Ceramic Coating installed. Fadi from Das Auto is the only tesla and gtechniq accredited paint protection guru in Sydney. I dropped off my car to Das Auto's eastern creek studio and picked it up the next day. The result was stunning. The detail and tesla paint protection installation was faultless and I can see why he is a tesla expert, and im not easy to impress but WOW!
S1M0N -1S1M0N -1
04:10 25 Mar 23
Words can't explain what fadi did to my car had swirl marks from factory being a brand new car fadi removed all paint blemishes and scratches and applied cermaic coating with a full interior detail...Literally looks a mirror 🪞...Cheers
Shania FernandesShania Fernandes
10:26 08 Mar 23
I would highly recommend Fadi & Chris from Das Auto!! I recently got an opal interior and exterior detail which has my car looking brand new! I was amazed by the results and the attention to detail. Not to mention, the convenience of having it done at my home.The team is professional, friendly and very accommodating. A 10/10 experience!
Nath PfisterNath Pfister
10:21 20 Dec 22
Fadi did an amazing job bringing my SS Commodore back to life and ready for sale. The car looks brand spanking new. He’s clearly passionate about cars and making sure your machine looks it’s best. I highly recommend him.
23:33 06 Oct 22
Fadi was great to deal with. He took so much time and effort with our cars they look like new!If you want you car properly looked after by a true car enthusiast then go with these guys - 10/10 👍 Thanks mate
Shady SolimanShady Soliman
11:42 19 Jan 22
Have always washed/detailed my car myself as I don’t really trust anyone else doing it, I heard about Fadi’s quality work from a couple of people a few times so decided to give him a go.I watched him most of the time to make he was using correct washing techniques etc, car came up better than it’s ever been.

Tesla Paint Protection Packages

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Exclusive GTechniq & Ethos Products

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Lifetime Warranty

No Fine-Print. Just 3 Simple Rules:
1) Don’t Set Your Car on Fire.
2) No Aggressive Wash Methods.
3) Get Your Free Annual Inspection
& you're covered for life
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Accredited Ceramic & Graphene Installers

What is the Tesla Paint Protection Process?

So you’re ready for Tesla Paint Protection. The next step is deciding between ceramic coating and graphene coating. Simply contact us to discuss whether Tesla Ceramic Coating or Graphene Coating is best for your Tesla and receive an instant quote. The overall Tesla Paint Protection process is the same. Watch our in-house Tesla specialist, Chris Ceramic Coat John’s Tesla Model 3. This mobile Tesla paint protection was completed at the owner John’s workplace with meticulous care and stunning results. The interior, exterior, wheels, engine bay and glass were all ceramic coated using the exclusive GTechniq Crystal Serum Ultra 10h Ceramic Coating. The result? See for yourself.

Our Recent Ferrari 458 Ceramic Paint Protection

What are the benefits of Das Auto Tesla Paint Protection Systems?


Reduce ongoing cleaning by


Lifetime Warranty


100% Premium GTechniq & Ethos Products


Applied exclusively by our accredited Tesla Paint Protection Specialists


Protection from UV Damage & Oxidisation


Protection from chemical stains & etching


Ease of cleaning


Enhanced gloss


10 Year Tesla Paint Protection


Mobile Tesla Paint Protection or at our Eastern Creek Studio


Ceramic & Graphene Certification with Written Warranty


4.9 Star Google Rating


Satisfaction Guarantee

Transform your Tesla with DAS AUTO certified Tesla Paint Protection

When it comes to protecting your Tesla’s paint, we only use the best in the business. Our GTechniq Crystal Serum Ultra 10h Ceramic Coating, which is not avaulable to the public provides the ultimate in Tesla paint protection. This top-of-the-line ceramic coating creates a chemical bond with your car’s paint resulting in a hydrophobic layer of protection that repels dirt, grime & stains. It also lasts for an industry leading 5-10+ years making it a wise investment for your Tesla’s soft factory paint.

For even more paint protection for your Tesla, we also offer the graphene coating. This innovative coating uses advanced Ethos graphene coating technology to create a superior layer of protection that’s even more durable than traditional ceramic coatings. With its exceptional resistance to scratches and chemical damage, this coating is the ultimate solution for keeping your Tesla’s paint looking even better than new.

Whether you choose our GTechniq Ceramic Coating or our Ethos graphene Coating, you can rest assured that your Tesla is in good hands. Our accredited Tesla paint protection gurus are experts in Tesla paint protection. In fact, we’re the only Tesla paint protection specialists in Sydney! We take great pride in ensuring that your car’s paint is protected to the highest possible standard. We’re that confident about our product that you get a lifetime warranty. So why wait? Contact us today to schedule your Tesla paint protection appointment & experience the Das Auto difference.


Does my Tesla need paint protection?

You probably heard Elon Musk admit that due to the speed at which Tesla was ramping up manufacturing of Tesla’s, the cars being sold had poor paint jobs, especially the Tesla Model 3’s & Tesla Model Y’s.

Regardless, if your Tesla has paint job issues or not, Tesla paint protection using ceramic coating or graphene coating is always a great investment in Tesla paint protection. These are luxury vehicles that are an investment, so protecting your Tesla’s paint job before it experiences damage will preserve its appearance longer, maintain its resale value, and ultimately save you time and money on repairs and cleaning maintenance further down the road.

Where is your Tesla Paint Protection studio located?

Our Tesla Paint Protection studio is conveniently located at Eastern Creek, directly off the M7 motorway. Simply dropoff your car and pick it up the next day for the best Tesla Paint Protection guaranteed. We can also help you return your vehicle to you for the ultimate convenience.

How long do I need to leave my Tesla with you?

Tesla Paint Protection

The Tesla Paint Protection (for both ceramic and graphene coating) process generally takes 1 whole day, so in most cases, your vehicle will be ready to pickup the next day. We are happy to organise your vehicle to be dropped off to you at the completion of the Tesla Paint Protection. Simply ask us when you contact us.

Which Product do you use for the Opal Ceramic Coating?

Tesla Paint Protection

Opal Ceramic Coating:

We use the world leading range of GTechniq ceramic coating products. The exact product will differ depending on your Tesla’s paint type, paint condition and your requirements. Gtechniq was founded by quantum physicist in 2001 and has been voted best ceramic coating products in the world for 5 years running.

Which Product do you use for the Diamond Ceramic Coating?

Tesla Paint Protection

Diamond Ceramic Coating:

We use the worlds #1 voted ceramic coating for your Tesla. The exclusive GTechniq Crystal Serum Ultra Black. This is not available to the public and is only available to GTechniq accredited Tesla Paint Protection installers such as Das Auto. This has been voted for 5 years straight as the world’s absolute best ceramic coating application. It heralds amazing restorative and protective qualities:

  • 10h paint protection.
  • 9-year guarantee.
  • Unmatched levels of gloss, surface slickness, swirl and chemical resistance.

tesla ceramic coating sydney

tesla ceramic coating sydney

Tell me more about your Lifetime Warranty

Simply follow the 3 simple rules and your Tesla paint protection is covered for life.

Are you certified and trained to install mobile ceramic & graphene coatings?

Tesla Paint Protection


Did you know that most paint protection ‘experts’ have never undergone professional training to apply ceramic and graphene coatings, let alone specialise in Tesla’s soft paint?

All Das Auto Tesla paint protection experts are actually experts! That means we have undergone training, are certified and have years of experience working on Tesla’s. What that translates into is flawless paint protection applied to your vehicle that will last longer than any other solution.

GTechniq Exclusive Ceramic Coating Accreditation:

Gtechniq square logo Accredited

Ceramic Coating Pro Certification:

ceramic coating certification

What is the difference between ceramic and graphene coatings?

Tesla Paint Protection

The majority of ceramic car coatings on the market are comprised of Sio2 (Silicone Dioxide) also known as Silica.

Graphene was discovered in 2004 and won a nobel prize in 2010 due to its revolutionary properties which have shown to be 100X stronger than steel while still being flexible and not breaking.

Our Graphene Coating systems use this innovative technology that takes ceramic coatings to the next level. Making them more durable while providing additional benefits and results.

Graphene Coatings are an evolution on the tried and true ceramic coatings and are applied in a very similar manner while reducing the risks and potential downsides.

Graphene vs Ceramic Coating? Which is better?

Tesla Paint Protection

It can be hard to determine which car coating is the best option for your Tesla paint protection.

Ceramic or Graphene?

Das Auto Graphene Coatings are formulated using the latest technology to provide the best performance and ultimate durability. This means that just ONE application can last 5 – 10 years as well as make your maintenance routine as easy as it comes.

How long does Tesla Paint Protection last?

Tesla Paint Protection

Das Auto Tesla Ceramic coatings have been put through extensive testing to validate the ongoing durability and performance. We are proud to say that it is one of the longest-lasting ceramic car coating systems and the most  tested ceramic coating on the market.

Both real-world and accelerated weather testing was conducted to show Ceramic coatings offer at least 5 years of ongoing performance per application on a daily driven Tesla.

Our graphene coatings have been tested to last even longer! In our experience, our real world results have showed that our  ceramic coatings last 7-15 years and our graphene coatings last 10-15 years.

Can Ceramic & Graphene coatings be used on wheels and glass?

Tesla Paint Protection

Yes! Our Ceramic and graphene Tesla paint protection systems can all be used on Tesla paint, glass, plastics, wheels, trim, powder coat, satin/matte finishes, gel coat and more! This makes your entire car easier and faster to clean.

How does Das Auto Paint protection compare to other Paint Protection?

Tesla Paint Protection

We exclusively use GTechniq Ceramic Coatings and Ethos Graphene Coating which have both been voted time and time again as the worlds best and most durable paint protection on the market. Das Auto Tesla Paint Protection offers an unbeatable combination of performance and price while undergoing some of the most extensive testing and performance validation to certify its performance. In addition, our Tesla paint protection systems makes your car far easier to clean than any other ceramic car coating solution, saving you time and money.

Last, but not least, our Tesla paint protection experts are the only Tesla specialists in Sydney. Just like you wouldn’t want a Holden expert working on your Mercedez, you also wouldn’t want a generic car paint protection company risking damage to your Tesla’s soft paint.

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