Learn About Our Lifetime Warranty on our Paint Protection Systems

The Lifetime Warranty

DAS AUTO promises the craftsmanship of our ceramic coatings and graphene coatings will be like day one. You will have a deep shine & chemical resistant layer for all exterior vehicle surfaces that had Ceramic Coating or Graphene Coating installed. Your part is following three simple rules.

The Three Rules:

1) Don’t Set Your Car on Fire.
2) No Aggressive Wash Methods.
3) Get Your Free Annual Inspection
& you’re covered for life.

Rule One is in place because the Ceramic Coating and Graphene Manufacturers show this off constantly in their ads. They, nor Das Auto will actually warranty for this gimmick.


Rule Two is addressing Automatic Car Washes of any sort including “soft touch car eashes. These wash methods will leave swirls and scratches in your paint. The only acceptable way to wash a coated vehicle is by hand or automatic touch free and according to our wash guide which we provide to you and explain in depth at the completion of the car paint protection.


Rule Three is so Das Auto can ensure the coating is performing up to their standards. This appointment is FREE. Simply contact us to book in your Free inspection. Annual Inspections are only performed 1st April 1 – 30 June. (Most Companies Charge $200+ for this Annual Inspection).

What Happens if I Break any of the 3 rules?

In the event that any of the 3 rules will are not met, you void the Das Auto in-house warranty. We have done our best to have zero fine print and make our expectations for you explicitely clear and make the process easy. 

What Is Not Covered?

Scratches, stone chips, dents and any impact/accident damage. Ceramic Coatings and Graphene coatings are not designed to stop any of these. Any company that tells you different is not telling the truth.

Hydrophobic Properties are also not covered. A coating will still be functional even if the water does not “bead” off the surface. Brading depends on many factors outside of the ceramic/graphene coating itself such as the panel angle, grime/dirt buildup, weather and the type of water on the surface.

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